Sustainability at Providence College

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Photo of a bioswale on the Providence College campus

Once we start to think about the kind of world we are leaving to future generations, we look at things differently; we realize that the world is a gift which we have freely received and must share with others.  –Laudato Si 159

The President’s Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee consists of administrative, faculty, staff, and student representatives working to make recommendations to the president and college community regarding policies to promote environmental sustainability on campus.  Its responsibilities are:

  • Act as the advisory committee to the president on campus sustainability goals and initiatives.
  • Develop an integrated Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP) that guides the college in an on-going effort to create an institutional culture of sustainability.
  • Create a strategic set of measurable goals, projects, and steps to reduce the college’s carbon footprint.
  • Implement sustainability policies that are inclusive of environmental education, facilities operations, management, academic, and community outreach.


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